Where Did We Start

It was in 1984 that Aussie Gas Struts first started to think of a Gas Strut that was more serviceable than those currently available from overseas. The design is unique in so much that it does not have a rolled or stitch welded end to contain the piston rod guide and seal. This makes our Gas Strut a fully serviceable unit with replacement seals available from factory stock. We use solid drawn steel tubing for the body and chrome hardened steel rod for the piston rod.

All internal parts and metal end fittings are manufactured in-house on our two C.N.C. lathes. Both piston and rod seals are manufactured to our specification in Australia. We have our own injection molding machine for the manufacture of plastic end fittings.

 The final process in our manufacture, this after assembly and painting, is the gas charging of each unit. This is controlled by a computer and is accurate to + - 1%. At the completion of the Gas charging of each unit, a label is produced giving part number, date of manufacture and if required our customers name or logo (bulk orders only).

All our Gas Struts carry a full one year warrant, with two years on plastic end fittings. A copy of this warranty is available, please send us your request .


Mazak Quick Turn 15 CNC Lathe


INJJ-100 Tone Injection Molding Machine


Gas Struts and Their Many Uses

Gas Struts today have many application and have become an integral part of many design elements. They are used in most industries. We are currently supplying to:

Bus Coach and Caravan Manufacturers, Industrial machinery, Hospital and Medical application, Office and Hotels and the Mining industry.

In fact wherever there is a need to:

Raise , Lower, Control, Move or Adjust.

Aussie Gas Struts Pty. Ltd have been manufacturing for many years to their own patented design for all the above applications, and today we are called upon by design engineers for assistance in producing the correct unit at the drawing board.

Today we are producing many thousand of Gas Struts for all industry including those to the RPA hospital in Sydney and the RA in Brisbane. We produce many units for safety guards on light and heavy machinery and in the Building industry to raise and lower heavy doors and windows.

Some Gas Struts are very visible whilst others are never seem, such is the case with the units we supply to the manufacturer of the multi-bay parking meter.

A compact design and its high level of reliability, is the reason for our continual growth.